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OyaSecurity offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity services. Through in-house expertise and strong collaboration with local and international partners, we strive to provision a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services targeting all functions of cybersecurity, including threat and vulnerability identification, protection of digital assets, detection of possible cybersecurity attacks and compromises, and response to and recovery from incidents. Cyber Security Services offered by Oya are grouped into Services Categories presented hereunder. 

Please do reach out if you require any other cybersecurity services which are not included on this page. If it is related to cybersecurity, we most probably offer the service!

Reactive Cybersecurity Services

Digital forensics and incident response are integral components of modern cybersecurity, providing businesses with invaluable tools to detect, investigate, and mitigate cyber incidents and offering a well-orchestrated plan to save them from the potentially devastating consequences of cyberattacks.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is a critical component of modern cybersecurity, offering businesses invaluable tools to detect, investigate, and mitigate cybe ...more

Incident Response

Incident Response is a well-orchestrated plan that can save businesses from the potentially devastating consequences of cyberattacks. We can assi ...more

Security Testing

In-depth evaluation of an organisation's IT infrastructure, software applications, network configurations, and hardware components to pinpoint vulnerabilities, assess security controls, and recommend technical measures for bolstering cybersecurity defenses.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing offers a continuous assessment of the ICT infrastructure for a specific project, introducing invaluable advantages. It ensure ...more

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments are systematic reviews conducted to identify, quantify, and prioritise vulnerabilities within systems, networks, applic ...more

Hardening Reviews

Hardening Reviews play a crucial role in security testing because they focus on fortifying a system's defences against potential threats. These r ...more

Code Review

Code Review is a cybersecurity service which OyaSecurity specialises in. Thorough meticulous code reviews are a crucial element in strengthening ...more

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

GRC services encompass the integrated approach to managing an organisation's governance, risk management, and compliance activities to ensure alignment with strategic goals, regulatory mandates, and industry best practices.

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management also referred to as Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), is essential for organisations to identify, assess, and mitigate r ...more

Compliance Frameworks

Compliance Frameworks our advisory services assist organisations in ensuring compliance with a wide selection of regulations, directives, and ind ...more


Centraleyes is an avant-garde GRC management platform offering a user-friendly interface, rapid SaaS deployment, and a wealth of automated featur ...more


Providing strategic leadership in formulating and executing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing security incident responses and Crisis Management, IS consultancy and fostering a culture of information security within an organisation.

Cyber Security Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy is essential for an organisation, encompassing a comprehensive set of elements and principles to protect its digital asset ...more

Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy provides and demonstrates the necessary commitment towards the organisation’s information security goals, needs and ...more

Risk Management Framework

Risk Management assists organisations of all types and sizes by augmenting their readiness state to face external and internal factors and influe ...more

Business Continuity Policy

Business Continuity Policy permits organisations to implement and maintain controls and capabilities for managing their overall ability to contin ...more

Crisis Management

Crisis Management advisory services are designed to empower organisations to navigate unforeseen challenges with resilience and precision. We off ...more

Training & Awareness

Information security training and awareness programs aim to educate executive personnel and the general workforce about cybersecurity best practices, potential threats, and their role in safeguarding sensitive data, promoting a vigilant and security-conscious organisational culture.

General Workforce Training

General Workforce Training  At OyaSecurity, we understand that a robust security posture is only as strong as its most informed and vigilant ...more

Executive Training

Executive Training At OyaSecurity, we recognise that executive leadership stands as the cornerstone of an organisation's cybersecurity resilience ...more

Incident Simulation

Incident Simulation at OyaSecurity, we specialise in planning and executing dynamic incident simulation exercises, such as red teaming and tablet ...more

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence services are designed to proactively identify, analyse, and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks. Gain real-time insights into emerging threats, bolster your defences, and safeguard your digital assets with cutting-edge intelligence solutions tailored to your security needs.

Malware Reverse Engineering

Malware Reverse Engineering Decrypting Threats to Strengthen DefensesMalware Reverse Engineering is an essential process in cybersecurity that in ...more

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Restoring What Matters MostData loss can strike unexpectedly, causing disruptions and potential setbacks for individuals and busine ...more


SocRadar Unveiling Next-Gen Threat IntelligenceSocRadar stands at the forefront of proactive cybersecurity solutions, offering a comprehensive su ...more

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence remains an essential tool to counter the sophistication and frequency of cyber threats, enabling organisations to stay one st ...more

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OyaSecurity services are based on the NIST _CSF_v2



The Govern Function is cross-cutting and provides outcomes to inform how an organisation will achieve and prioritise the outcomes of the other five functions in the context of its mission and stakeholder expectations. Governance activities are critical for incorporating cybersecurity into an organisation’s broader enterprise risk management strategy. GOVERN directs an understanding of organisational context; the establishment of cybersecurity strategy and cybersecurity supply chain risk management; roles, responsibilities, and authorities; policies, processes, and procedures; and the oversight of cybersecurity strategy.



The Identify function determine the current cybersecurity risk to the organisation. Understanding its assets (e.g., data, hardware, software, systems, facilities, services, people) and the related cybersecurity risks enables an organisation to focus and prioritise its efforts in a manner consistent with its risk management strategy and the mission needs identified. This Function also includes the identification of improvements needed for the organisation’s policies, processes, procedures, and practices supporting cybersecurity risk management.



The protect function ensures the deployment of safeguards to prevent or reduce cybersecurity risk. Once assets and risks are identified and prioritised, the protect function supports the ability to secure those assets to prevent or lower the likelihood and impact of adverse cybersecurity events. Outcomes covered by this Function include awareness and training; data security; identity management, authentication, and access control; platform security (i.e., securing the hardware, software, and services of physical and virtual platforms); and the resilience of technology infrastructure.



The detect function analysis possible cybersecurity attacks and compromises. The Detect function enables timely discovery and analysis of anomalies, indicators of compromise, and other potentially adverse cybersecurity events that may indicate that cybersecurity attacks and incidents are occurring.



The Respond Function takes action regarding a detected cybersecurity incident. Respond supports the ability to contain the impact of cybersecurity incidents. Outcomes within this Function cover incident management, analysis, mitigation, reporting, and communication.



The Recover Function restores assets and operations that were impacted by a cybersecurity incident. Recover supports timely restoration of normal operations to reduce the impact of cybersecurity incidents and enable appropriate communication during recovery efforts.

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