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business continuity policy

Business Continuity Policy 

permits organisations to implement and maintain controls and capabilities for managing their overall ability to continue to operate during disruptions. This contributes towards the creation of a competitive advantage for the organisations, the protection of their reputation and credibility and significantly improves their operational resilience. We align the implementation of this discipline with the requirements of ISO 22301 - Security and Resilience - Business continuity management systems.

Our Business Continuity Services at OyaSecurity are designed to strengthen your organisation's resilience in the face of disruptions. We kickstart the process by establishing and communicating a Business Continuity Policy tailored to your organizational objectives. Employing a systematic Business Impact Analysis, we identify critical functions and services, pinpointing activities vital for their sustenance and establishing timeframes for acceptable resumption post-disruption. Additionally, our services include implementing a responsive structure to swiftly address crisis situations and ensuring timely warning and communication with relevant stakeholders. This structure encompasses a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Procedures, providing clear guidance for response and recovery of impacted critical functions and services. Furthermore, we emphasise the importance of an ongoing exercise and testing program, continuously validating the effectiveness of your business continuity management system.

Trust OyaSecurity to empower your organization with robust strategies and frameworks for resilient business operations in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

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