Digital Forensics 

is a critical component of modern cybersecurity, offering businesses invaluable tools to detect, investigate, and mitigate cyber incidents. Oya offers Digital Forensic Services on the below digital assets: 

Computers and Laptops - recovering, analysing and reporting computer data, ensuring that data extracted is admissible in legal proceedings.

Mobile Phones -  preserving, extracting, analysing and reporting of digital evidence retrieved from hand-held devices.

Vehicles -  involves recovering digital evidence or data stored in a vehicle’s modules, networks and messages sent across operating systems.

Drones - we are an accredited forensic examination agency, our experts examine all types of drones and analyse data from drones. We are also appointed to intercept and shut down rogue drones.

Cell Site - exploit data from mobile devices and service providers to measure factual coverage employing complex data gathering, positioning and analytical tools. 

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