Executive Training 

At OyaSecurity, we recognise that executive leadership stands as the cornerstone of an organisation's cybersecurity resilience. Our Information Security Training and Awareness services cater specifically to the unique needs and responsibilities of executives, empowering them with the strategic insights and knowledge essential to navigate the complex landscape of digital security. We offer tailored programs crafted to equip your leadership with the latest trends, risk landscapes, and strategic approaches in cybersecurity. Our goal is to provide executives with a deep understanding of cybersecurity essentials, enabling informed decision-making and proactive engagement in steering the organization towards fortified defences against evolving threats. With OyaSecurity, executives gain the knowledge and strategic foresight necessary to champion a culture of security and resilience across the entire organizational spectrum.


Cybersecurity Awareness

An overview of cybersecurity threats and their impact on the organisation.

Strategies for managing cyber risks at a high level.

Understanding the role of executives in cybersecurity governance.


Cybersecurity Leadership and Governance

Detailed insights into cybersecurity governance principles and best practices.

Guidance on developing and overseeing cybersecurity policies and strategies.

The importance of aligning cybersecurity with business objectives.


Incident Response Training

Understanding the organisation's incident response plan.

Executives' roles and responsibilities during a security incident.

Effective communication and decision-making in a crisis.


Cybersecurity Risk Management

A deep dive into risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk acceptance.

Strategies for making risk-informed decisions related to cybersecurity.

Aligning risk management with organisational goals.

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