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general workforce training

General Workforce Training  

At OyaSecurity, we understand that a robust security posture is only as strong as its most informed and vigilant asset: the workforce. That's why our Information Security Training and Awareness services are meticulously designed to empower every member of your organisation with the knowledge and tools needed to become guardians of digital resilience. We recognise the vital role each individual plays in safeguarding sensitive information and fortifying our collective defence against evolving cyber threats. Our comprehensive training programs are tailored to equip your general workforce with practical insights, best practices, and a deep understanding of cybersecurity essentials, ensuring a culture of proactive vigilance and secure practices across your organisation. With OyaSecurity, your workforce becomes the frontline defence in preserving the integrity and security of your digital landscape. Course includes: 


Basic Cybersecurity Awareness

Introduction to common cybersecurity threats (phishing, malware, social engineering).

Best practices for recognising and reporting security incidents.

Importance of strong passwords and secure data handling.


Phishing Awareness and Social Engineering

Recognising phishing emails and other social engineering tactics.

How to avoid falling victim to email scams and fraudulent requests.

Reporting suspicious emails and incidents.


Data Privacy and Protection

Understanding the organization's data protection policies

Safeguarding sensitive information and respecting GDPR privacy regulations

Proper data handling and disposal practices


Secure Remote Work and Mobile Device Security

Safe practices for working remotely and using mobile devices

Securing home networks and personal devices

Avoiding risks associated with public Wi-Fi and unsecured connections


Secure Social Media and Online Behavior

Responsible and secure use of social media platforms

Avoiding oversharing of personal and professional information

Recognising and reporting online harassment and cyberbullying

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