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information security policy

Information Security Policy 

provides and demonstrates the necessary commitment towards the organisation’s information security goals, needs and principles. We assist organisations in establishing and communicating an effective information security policy that is based on prevailing best practices, namely ISO 27001 - Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection. 


The formulation of the Information Security Policy meticulously integrates various critical facets. It aligns with the organisation's overarching objectives and strategy, ensuring that security measures harmonize seamlessly with the organisation's broader business objectives.


The policy takes into account the organisational structure, leveraging existing management systems like quality, risk, environmental, and business continuity management where applicable. Furthermore, it stands robust against the backdrop of the legal framework, accounting for local and international legislation and sector-specific regulations, ensuring compliance and resilience.


The Information Security Policy also caters to external demands, addressing the requirements of customers, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders. Moreover, we ensure it stands as a testament to the commitment to the highest security standards prevalent in the industry, incorporating and upholding best practices and benchmarks to safeguard our operations and data.

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