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risk management framework

Risk Management 

assists organisations of all types and sizes by augmenting their readiness state to face external and internal factors and influences that introduce an element of uncertainty, hindering their ability to achieve their objectives. Managing risk is iterative and assists organisations in setting strategy, achieving objectives and making informed decisions. We assist organisations in establishing and implementing a Risk Management Framework that integrates risk management into significant activities and functions. We ensure that the execution of risk assessments by this process produces consistent, valid and comparable results. 

Our Risk Management services at OyaSecurity encompass a meticulous process geared towards safeguarding your organisation's operations. We start by meticulously identifying material risks that specifically relate to your operational context, followed by a realistic assessment of their likelihood of occurrence and potential impact. This thorough evaluation enables us to gauge the severity of these risks, aiding in the prioritisation of necessary actions. We craft a comprehensive Risk Treatment Plan, delineating all essential controls essential for mitigating these identified risks effectively. Our process involves engaging with risk owners to secure approval for the treatment plan and to acknowledge any residual risks within the framework of a dedicated Risk Management Committee. This committee not only sets the acceptance criteria for residual risks but also aligns them with your organization's risk appetite. Finally, our commitment extends to ensuring the timely implementation of identified controls, adhering strictly to agreed-upon timeframes to fortify your organisation against potential threats.

Trust OyaSecurity for a holistic and proactive approach to risk management tailored to your unique operational landscape.

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