is an avant-garde GRC management platform offering a user-friendly interface, rapid SaaS deployment, and a wealth of automated features, providing substantial cost savings and accelerating the company's journey to compliance. OyaSecurity is the exclusive distributor for Centraleyes within the Maltese Islands. 

Centraleyes boasts key features that enable it to stand out from the competition, including: 


Ease of Use and Efficiency

Centraleyes offers a user-friendly platform that streamlines auditing efforts and reduces costs by providing a common portal for information preparation and aggregation.


SaaS Benefits

Instant access through Software as a Service (SaaS) minimizes deployment time, eliminates the need for handling software licensing, hardware maintenance, and professional services costs, resulting in significant savings.


Time & Resource Savings

Centraleyes accelerates project timelines with built-in modules and features such as seamless onboarding, smart mapping to prevent duplication, automated assessments and evidence collection, an extensive compliance framework, risk management, and remediation planning.


Unique Features

The platform stands out with features like managing multiple entities or sections, smart mapping for similar controls, automated risk registers, remediation plans, an optional vendor risk module, and an advanced visualisation and reporting tool.

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